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Cooperation between Hyper Poland and the Faculty of Transport, Warsaw University of Technology


The Management Board of Hyper Poland and the authorities of the Faculty of Transport of the most prestigious technical university in Poland, Warsaw University of Technology, have signed a letter of intent regarding the cooperation between the company and the university.

The main objective of the cooperation is to jointly conduct research and development works in the field of modern means of transport, in particular, the conventional railways, the magnetic railway, and the vacuum railway. The plans include also the joint acquisition of research grants for R&D and development of transport technologies.

- Warsaw University of Technology is the alma mater of the greater part of our technical team. Cooperation with the Faculty of Transport of the Warsaw University of Technology is not only an opportunity to exchange knowledge and different experiences, but also to look at selected issues and problems related to transport technology from two perspectives: scientific and business - says Przemysław Pączek, CEO of Hyper Poland.

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