Projects for a new passenger and freight

Under construction


Full-scale test track + pod

We have constructed a full-scale (750-meter-long) MagRail test track and test bogie suited for a passenger carbody assembly. We mainly test our linear motor and magnetic levitation. It helps us validate our concepts and prepare for pilot implementation.

full-scale test track + pod
full-scale test track + pod
  • Design top speed 70 kph
  • Peak acceleration 1.5 m/s2
  • Total length 4.4 m
  • Mass: 350 kg


Test track + pod

In late 2020 we started testing our third MagRail prototype on a medium-scale track (1000 mm track gauge). We also tested our power electronics software and hardware components, including advanced control algorithms. It allows us to control the position of a single vehicle with an accuracy of single millimeters.



Test track + pod

In 2019 we presented the first MagRail demonstrator with a 48-meter-long track and pod prototype in a mixed scale. It allowed us to validate our two main subsystems: magnetic levitation and linear motor and showed that it can be scaled to a full-size system.

full-scale test track + pod
  • Design top speed 60 kph
  • Peak acceleration 7 m/s2
  • Total length 2 m
  • Mass: 85 kg
  • Levitation height 5 mm
full-scale test track + pod
  • Design top speed 320 kph
  • Peak acceleration 5 m/s2
  • Total length 4.1 m
  • Mass: 265 kg

HPL-01 (POD)

HPL-01 is a prototype built by our student team (Hyper Poland University Team) at the Warsaw University of Technology in 2017 for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition finals in California, USA. The goal of this competition was to design and build the fastest hyperloop pod prototype.