A rail inrastructure inspection device

Main problem

The tedious and repetitive process of measuring and assessing track condition and the lack of generational exchange among the aging skilled expert personnel is generating ever-increasing costs for maintaining rail infrastructure.

The lack of emergence of new revolutionary solutions and decisive response of infrastructure managers to this problem will cause further aggravation of the problem and high financial losses in the near time frame.

  • Low efficiency of manual measurements
  • High cost of maintenance personnel
  • Lack of automation of the process
  • High cost of diagnostic equipment
Nevomo- future vehicle


The device, attached to existing rolling stock, allows measuring and assessing the condition of railroad infrastructure during operational rolling stock runs.

Created for infrastructure managers and maintenance entities, it has been designed to be easily installed on operational wagons, locomotives, or diagnostic vehicles. Automatically identifies more than 15 different types of defects on rolling surface, fastenings, sleepers and track bed, such as sleeper cracks, loss of ballast, which are impossible to detect using alternative non-manual assessment methods.

The system is able to acquire images and measurements from independent cameras and scanners for the complete inspection of the track infrastructure with speeds up to 120 kph. An advanced AI algorithm is processing the data recognizing the possible defects with a machine learning model based approach.

Remora - A rail inrastructure inspection device GR1 Remora - A rail inrastructure inspection device GR2

Supporting the maintenance processes for railways

Measurement Automation

Performing track inspections using machine vision instead of manual inspections, significantly simplifying the planning and execution of rail infrastructure maintenance processes with less personel engagement.

High inspection efficiency

Measuring up to 400 km of railway tracks per day (depending on the rolling stock used) – 40 times more than with manual inspection in the same time frame.

Low system operating costs

Introducing an unprecedented business model that strongly relieves the customer of the personnel and monetary expenses associated with acquiring, maintaining, and operating the system.

Digitization of expertise and data

Unification of expert knowledge while saving and storing the volatile expertise and replacing it with a digital memory, effecting in remarkably repeatable and reliable defect detection and evaluation with up to 96% accuracy.

Ease of use

Dedicated streamlined application that allows interaction with the system for AI prediction refinement and generating digital reports on the condition of rail infrastructure from preset measurement sections.

Modular design

Easily adaptable to different types of rolling stock and specific needs of the customer, allowing easy expansion of the system with new functionalities (extension of the analyzed area, creating digital twins, BIM, etc.).

Service availability

Provide reports from measurements of inspected infrastructure on customer demand in no more than one business day.

Nevomo - track

Measured parameters and detected defects

Track condition inspection

  • Rails
  • Crack
  • Chipping
  • Head check (HCH)
  • Squat
  • Fracture


  • Missing fastening
  • Missing elements (e.g. screw bolt)

Wooden sleepers

  • Wide crack
  • Signs of wood rot
  • Bevelling
  • Lack of sleeper (significant degradation)

Concrete sleepers

  • Crack
  • Fracture
  • Chipping


  • Completely covered sleeper
  • Splashes on ballast
  • Ballast level


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