What’s up at Nevomo?

The first million zloty for the hyperloop demonstrator!


Already more than a million Polish zloty (approx. 234.000 euro) is on the account of our international equity crowdfunding campaign. Until now, 325 people from 28 countries have invested, obtaining shares in Hyper Poland.

Hyper Poland's partner in collecting funds for the construction of a levitation vehicle demonstrator is the British Seedrs platform. It was here that Revolut, one of the most-known startups in the fintech industry, began. We collect funds for the construction of a technology demonstrator - a levitating vehicle model, which in mid-2019 is to be presented to the public.

We chose the Seedrs platform because we wanted to check ourselves not only in Poland but also in the international environment. In addition, equity crowdfunding as a form of financing innovative projects is very popular in Western Europe, in Poland this form of financing startups is just gaining popularity - says Przemysław Pączek, CEO of Hyper Poland.

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