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Hyper Poland in London and the Middle East


Hyper Poland team isn’t slowing down. It can’t miss any valuable event regarding the future of transportation and startup investing holding worldwide. Check where Hyper Poland’s representatives will be soon.

The first stopis London. It’s a place where the European edition of MOVE will happen (11-12 February 2020). MOVE is by no means the world’s most important mobility event. It’s expected that 6k professionals, 800+ speakers, 300+ exhibitors, and startups from 85 countries will attend this fest. Hyper Poland will be involved in this disrupting dialogue. Przemek Paczos, CFO at Hyper Poland, will tell how his company wants to disrupt the railway.

A great business connector between Europe and the Middle East is OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem, Israel. On one hand, unlimited access to angel investing and equity crowdfunding big wigs are within reach. On the other hand, hi-tech, global innovations, and the Israeli spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship are looking forward to opening new opportunities for visitors. And that’s why Przemek Pączek, CEO of Hyper Poland, will be there too.

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