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Nevomo unveils MagRail Booster at TRAKO International Railway Fair


Gdansk, 19 September, 2023 – Following Nevomo's ground-breaking announcement in early September on successful tests proving the ability of railway vehicles to levitate on conventional railway lines using MagRail technology, the European deep-tech company is once again surprising the rail transport sector. Just two weeks after the event, Nevomo is displaying its pioneering MagRail Booster to the public for the first time at the TRAKO International Railway Fair.

MagRail Booster, part of the MagRail product portfolio, is the world's first retrofit solution for existing rail cars that uses an electromagnetic propulsion with a linear motor and allows each wagon to move independently without a locomotive. It has been developed to improve existing rail services allowing traffic automation and infrastructure electrification with greater flexibility, higher frequency of operations, greater capacity, and enhanced dynamics.

With successful tests already underway on the Nevomo’s test track in Nowa Sarzyna, the capabilities of the MagRail Booster and its potential to revolutionize the rail industry are being confirmed. They demonstrated that wagons retrofitted with MagRail Booster can move on conventional railway infrastructure. The potential speed for freight transport can reach up to 160 km/h. In an unparalleled advancement, these retrofitted freight wagons can operate without the locomotive both in full trainsets and as individual units. Remarkably, they can autonomously connect and disconnect with other wagons. Guaranteeing secure and accurate operations, the conventional train control system ensures the smooth running of the wagons.

“The launch of MagRail Booster is the next significant milestone for Nevomo and the entire rail industry. By seamlessly upgrading existing railway infrastructure, our technology ensures a transformational approach to rail transport development. With MagRail Booster, we are innovating to enable railways to easily adapt and grow faster in rapidly evolving digital age, bringing measurable benefits to infrastructure managers, operators, and their customers. At the same time, I would like to thank GATX Rail Europe for its commitment to the development and testing of our technology, without which today's success would not have been possible,’ said Kacper Koniarski, Product Management Director & Co-Founder of Nevomo.

With MagRail Booster, Nevomo addresses a gap in the railway industry. Its design, allowing individual wagons to operate independently without a locomotive, presents a transformational approach to enhance rail transport. The company has entered cooperations with SNCF, RFI, GATX and others to explore the potential of the MagRail Booster across their networks, for both passenger and freight transportation. In particular, the usage of MagRail Booster could leverage the capacity of Paris commuter railway network via higher acceleration and precise de-acceleration of the existing trainsets. The first commercial deployments of MagRail Booster technology are already planned for 2024-2025, starting with freight applications, e.g., in industrial facilities or harbors.

The unveiling of Nevomo's MagRail Booster at the TRAKO International Railway Fair, the biggest industry fair in Central and Eastern Europe, is not just a product launch. It represents a vision for the future of rail transport – one where traditional rail systems seamlessly merge with the most innovative future-oriented solutions. MagRail Booster not only promises a redefined future of rail transport, but also allows it to be upgraded quickly and efficiently, supporting the objectives of the European Green Deal.

‘In the face of new transport challenges, Europe's commitment to innovation, while valuing its rich railway heritage, will be the driving force behind creating a greener and more connected region. With the urgent need to tackle climate change and the demand for increased rail infrastructure capacity, MagRail Booster is a cornerstone in the renaissance of rail in Europe,’ said Stefan Kirch, Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of Nevomo.

The introduction of MagRail marks a significant turning point in Europe's journey toward sustainable mobility. At the crossroads of modernization, environmental commitment, and the quest for efficient connectivity, embracing groundbreaking technologies like Nevomo's MagRail is not just important - it's essential. Its success will be measured not only by its technological progress but by the collective effort of European stakeholders - from policymakers to engineers - unifying behind a shared transportation vision.

See the video on YouTube: First full-scale tests of MagRail Booster by Nevomo

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