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Pioneers mobility in Munich: A debate on the future of hyperloop in Europe


When will we board the hyperloop? This is one of the key questions that the participants of the debate at the Pioneers Mobility conference in Munich have answered. The representatives of European companies working on this technology were invited to discuss the future of the vacuum magnetic rail in Europe. Hyper Poland was represented by Kasia Foljanty, Ph.D., Head of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Taking into account the existing limitations related to legal regulations, financing, the need for standardization of new transport technology, the real time for the implementation and commercial application of hyperloop technologies in Europe, it is the end of the second decade of the 21st century - says Kasia Foljanty - The benefits of this implementation are measurable and will have a significant impact on the economies of the European Union. For example, the use of Hyperloop technology in the transport industry will reduce the number of trucks that dominate in cargo transport in Europe. This means less air pollution, less noise and road wear, fewer traffic accidents. Increasing the speed of transported goods also gives completely new opportunities for economic growth, especially for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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