A European deep-tech company and the developer of the next generation of high-speed rail. As a leading player in the area of innovation in the sustainable and intelligent mobility industry, the company has developed the globally unique MagRail technology, allowing significant improvements of the efficiency of existing rail transportation systems.

The only major transport technology capable to accomplish climate goals
already by 2030.

MagRail allows a rapid and cost-efficient upgrade of legacy railway infrastructure, positioning railways as the preferred green, fast, efficient, and interoperable mode of transport for the 21st century.

By integrating the contactless electromagnetic linear motor into existing infrastructure, we unlock the potential to double the capacity of current rail lines and introduce metro-like frequency and car-like flexibility. Moreover, our magnetic levitation technology propels railway transport into a new era, achieving speeds of up to 550 kph and elevating the travel experience to unprecedented heights.

Its worldwide implementation is expected to cut CO2 emissions from transport sector by at least 0.5 bn tons a year.

MagRail Booster, part of the MagRail product portfolio, is the world's first retrofit solution for existing rail infrastructure and vehicles that uses an electromagnetic propulsion with a linear motor and allows each wagon to move independently without a locomotive.

It has been developed to improve existing rail services allowing traffic automation and infrastructure electrification with greater flexibility, higher frequency of operations, greater capacity, and enhanced dynamics.

The initial use cases for this solution involve automated shunting in ports, terminals, and industrial areas. The conducted tests have validated its efficacy.

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